Kenny Sebastian

Original Series (Amazon Prime Video)

In 2014, Kenny collaborated with a bunch of comedians like Kanan Gill. Abish Mathew, and many more to create a one of a kind improvised sketch show which aired at a primetime slot on Comedy Central India. In 2017, Kenny Sebastian released his one hour stand up comedy special 'Don't be that guy' on Amazon Prime Video. Within hours, It trended on Amazon Prime Video as the highest watched content on its platform in India. Shortly after it's success, Kenny's first 7 episode original series 'Die Trying' released on Amazon Prime Video on valentines day, 2018.  

Youtube Series

Kenny's youtube channel has over 1.5 million followers and 155 million views. He has a highly successful series of stand up specials that he has uploaded and a unique sit down live comedy series called 'Chai Time with Kenny'.